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PBL Resources

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Sample Syllabi and Exams

  1. Introductory Biology, syllabus
    Deborah Allen, Biological Sciences
  2. Introductory Biology, syllabus
    Honors Introductory Biology, syllabus
    Linda Dion, Biological Sciences
  3. Introduction to Biochemistry, syllabus
    Introduction to Biochemistry, sample exam
    Hal White, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  4. Intermediary Metabolism, syllabus
    Hal White, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  5. Honors Introductory Physics I, sample exam 1 and sample exam 2
    Barbara Williams, Physics & Astronomy
  6. Honors Introductory Physics II, sample exam
    Barbara Williams, Physics & Astronomy

Sample Problem-Based Learning Problems

The PBL Clearinghouse is a collection of problems that assist educators in using problem-based learning. The problems are peer reviewed by PBL experts in the disciplinary content areas. Teaching notes and supplemental materials accompany each problem, providing insights and strategies that are innovative and classroom-tested. Find challenging problems for your class in the PBL Clearinghouse.

Featured Sample Problems




PBL Groups in Action

  1. Introduction

    A brief introduction to problem-based learning and the Groups in Action videos.

  2. In the Beginning

    A new group discusses their concerns and expectations for the course.

  3. This is a Group Thing... Right?

    Class is off to a rough start as group members struggle to work as a team.

  4. When the Professor's Presence Makes a Difference

    The group can't seem to work together unless supervised by the instructor.

  5. We Don't Care

    The group's disinterest in the topic inhibits their ability to learn.

  6. Dawn's 8 O'clock

    Frustration occurs within the group when one member is consistently late and absent.

  7. Chain Reaction of Disorder

    The group's concentration is thrown off after one disruption leads to another.

  8. I Think We Should Get the Professor

    A peer facilitator is frustrated with the group's frequent requests for the instructor's help.

  9. Shyer Than Shy

    Progress is slow when group members are reluctant to break out of their shell.

  10. I Want To Be in My Professor's Group

    A group member is having a difficult time accepting the thoughts and research of their peers.

  11. Water Striders

    The group avoids the real learning issues within their topic.

  12. Looking for Information

    Group members fail to produce quality research and interfere with group collaboration.

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PBL Resources
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